The Little Einsteins, Lawyers, and YOUR Heart

In the New Testament church, the called themselves Christians. Christian, literally means little Christs. *Cue Little Einsteins theme song* So we are Christians, thus we are little Christs. Why? Because we are moving toward being more like Christ.

Salvation is a moment, sanctification is a process.

We are all in a process, moving towards the likeness of Christ.  If I read my Bible correctly, you ARE already made in the likeness of God and the sanctification process is moving you closer to His distinctive likeness. As He begins to wipe away the shame, hurt, past, and brokenness that shroud our likeness from His, we begin to see who we are. Restoration begins. The process of becoming Little Christs initiates.

We already explored what that process is and why we go through it. (You can check it out here)

We did not talk about how to make it through the process.

IF you are feeling tired and exhausted from the processes of cleansing the past and preparing for the future; you are in the right place. IF you feel like you are lost in the middle of the process, not sure if it will end; you are right where you need to be.  So, just take roughly 210 seconds and continue reading…

How do we make it through?



Rats, Marriage, and a Whole Lot of Jesus

Marriage is an adventure. From day one you are stepping out into one of the greatest adventures of your life. Sometimes it takes a while for the adventure to set in. Other times, the adventure kicks in right away and you are faced with a problem so insurmountable that it shakes your young marriage to its very core.  That adventure came to me only one day after returning from the honeymoon.

You say your vows, cry your tears, and spend way too much money on the wedding, but nothing prepares you for this. Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at roughly 5:39pm, Nicolette and I go to get into our car to head to Jesse’s house for Connect Group.  I was talking about something, per the usual, and Nic was listening. I am off somewhere in my own world as I climb into the driver’s seat.


Isn’t She Fine Doe

You can have the greatest thing of beauty right now.  I see you brain turning and mulling it over.  The deepest desires of your heart peaking to the very precipice of your mind.  Well, I hate to dash your dream against the rocks, but this isn’t about Christian Mingle or Beyonce.  All the single ladies, now put your hand DOWN. In fact you can’t even see a physical manifestation of this beauty.  Really all you see are the results as if looking at the tree limbs tremble after a gust of wind.  However, the very trembling of a tree branch after a gust of wind is no comparison the after effects of what She will do.


Block Tha Haters: A Christmas Story

“No one could validate the legitimacy of her spirit-breathed impregnation….”


My new favorite saying in life is, “Block tha haters.”  This new phrase came from two places of beautiful inspiration: Pat Robertson and Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  Yeah, probably the weirdest two sources of inspiration ever, but life is what it is.  As a person who feels love primarily through words of affirmation, the words spoken against my rock my world.  I frequently put the emphasis on the wrong words given by the wrong people.


Why Racism is Not the Issue

I have come to the conclusion that racism is not in fact THE issue. We like to label things as THE issue because it gets more attention, supposedly. We create hashtags and movements trying to fight for a new cause.

The only issue with that is when the hashtags are no longer trending and people’s fickle minds find a new “cause” the real issue is left in the dust.

I bet you can think of at least 5 hashtag causes that have come and gone within the last couple of years.  It makes people feel good to use the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag at the end of their Facebook status because it makes them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


Why You Should Be Thankful for Your Stress.

I get it, you are freaking out, chugging coffee, and blaring music trying to stay awake studying for the impending 50 question mid-term exam on Tuesday.  Maybe you are getting ready to get married and can’t figure out the finances (it is EXPENSIVE).  Maybe you are working full time and can’t see the future clearly.

I know. I have been there…well I am there.

I go to school full time.

I work full time.

And I am newly engaged.

All at 21.

I feel your stress and anxiety on a very intimate level.


Except, I am actually thankful for it.  I know that seems incredibly contradictory, but it is true.  I would rather have the stress I have now, than not have it.


3 Reasons Every Dreamer Needs a Doer

One of my life-long heroes has been Walt Disney.  In fact, the very first book report I did was on a biography of Walt Disney.  The greatest lesson I learned from Walt, was that every dreamer needs a doer.  Most people don’t recognize that Roy Disney, Walt’s brother, made the dreams a reality.  Without a Roy, all of the dreams would only be that…dreams.  Here are three reasons why every dreamer needs a doer:


Why This Preacher’s Kid Left the Church.

I know what you are expecting.  You are expecting to read another blog post from an angry millennial condemning the church.  That is not what you will find.  I believe with all of my heart that the local church is the hope of the world.  The problem is we are not the church Jesus intended us to be.  When Jesus looked at Peter and said, “On this rock I will build my church,” I wholeheartedly believe that the church of today is not what He intended.  Instead of loving and engaging people, we condemn and judge with prejudice.  Jesus came to seek and save what is lost, not judge it and push it even farther away.  It pushed me away.


I am done with church.

I am done with religion.


All I want is Jesus.


Why I Became a Pre-Med Major…for ONE Year.

Sometimes we do things that we simply do not understand.  Sometimes we do things that other people do not understand.  Life is full of decisions that somebody will not understand.  In many cases, we will do things that we do not understand AND other people do not understand.  Wow…that was a lot.


For me, that was changing my major to Pre-Med.


People have come up to me asking, “Hey, so are you still pre-med?  What is your major now? I heard you are working full-time at CBN?”  Well yes, things have changed. I am now a Communications major (again), I do work full time at CBN in social media, I am a part of a vibrant growing church, Crosswalk VB and I am dating the most beautiful, gracious woman I have ever met, Nicolette Pennisi.

This is how I got here.

But first, let me catch you up…I was a Communications Major, then I was a Pre-Med major (and I didn’t flunk out…surprisingly), and then a Communications Major again.

Initially, I thought I understood it. Yeah, it was a little far out of reach and slightly bizarre, but if God has called me to this, then what do I have to lose?  So, I quickly devoted myself to becoming the best Pre-Med student I could.  However, I found myself at the end of the year feeling the same stir in my spirit to change my major again.  Except this time, closer to my original ideas and dreams.

I began to ask God the question, “Why did you ask me to become a pre-med major if only for ONE year?”